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Building learning communities

17. november 2004



 Monday 13 December 2004

Lakeside Conference Centre, Aston University, Birmingham B4 7ET

Over the past several years, there has been increasing understanding of the importance of ‘peers’ in promoting adult learning and supporting friends, workmates and members of their communities back into learning.  A wide variety of approaches have been developed to make best use of this including a growing number of Learning Champion initiatives.   These initiatives operate in the community but also in the workplace through workplace learning representatives.  There is now a wealth of interesting practice in communities and workplaces.  Yet much of it has developed in relative isolation with schemes grappling on their own with similar problems or unable to pass on expertise.  This conference will bring together practice and issues around peer learning champions from the workplace and communities.  It will:

Publicise the valuable work done by peer intermediaries and champions

  • Share models and approaches used in different contexts
  • Discuss the desirability of:
    • Sharing practice across organisations, sectors and localities
    • Co-ordinated approaches to learning brokerage linked to regional and local learning and regeneration priorities
    • Regional learning champions networks to share practice, develop training and accreditation frameworks, quality and monitoring systems and to develop career pathways for learning champions
  • Engage in practical action to address some of the issues frequently associated with learning champions schemes and propose practical ways forward.

Those attending the conference will receive a copy of a study of learning champions and workplace representative projects in the West Midlands carried out by NIACE with support from Government Office for the West Midlands (GOWM) during February and March 2004. The purpose was to establish the scale and shape of these initiatives in the region and to suggest ways of strengthening the approach.   Whilst the focus is on the West Midlands, the study will be relevant to other regions.

Contact Gurjit Kaur on Tel: 0116 2042833